Situations that many of us take for granted such as meetings, classes, or trips to the theatre become an impossible feat for those with hearing loss, which affects 1 in 6 of the UK population. For someone wearing a hearing device (a hearing aid or cochlear implant), background noise is very often audible over the speaker or performer, impacting upon their experience.

How does it work?

In a hearing loop, sound is picked up through a microphone, converted to magnetic impulses by the driver and transmitted via a loop aerial. This magnetic signal is picked up by the telecoil within the hearing aid and converted back to speech. Clever stuff!

At Contacta we do things differently. Our intelligent hearing loop drivers are designed to give installers, users and listeners the best experience.  Our ground-breaking approach to design and specification, along with our pioneering use of new technology, has produced these simple, highly intelligent and powerful drivers, giving you everything you could wish for in your quest for accessibility and exceptional service provision.

Technology can be put in place which allows you to realise the full potential of every interaction, resulting in happy customers and an enhanced reputation. There is also legislation that stipulates where hearing loops should be installed. In order to comply with recent regulations you need to know what they say.‍‍‍

We are specialists in hearing loops. Our large area loops allow multiple hearing device wearers to hear their desired sound source with complete clarity. Whether it be a small meeting room, a classroom, or even a sports stadium, we can install discrete large area hearing loops to your specification.

Every room is different. We specify loops in a unique way, taking into account the uses, make up and size of each room to ensure that your customers get the best listening experience. Without proper installation, even the best loop driver will not perform to its best so we highly recommend that you get in touch with us and we can recommend the perfect way to install your loop.

How do we specify loops‍‍‍?

Contacta's powerful HLD7 hearing loop driver
Contacta above counter hearing loop at Asda supermarket

1 to 1 communication should be easy and natural, but instead it can be a stressful activity which causes fatigue and embarrassment for those with hearing loss. Many people affected even choose not to visit till points or counters that are poorly provisioned.

Ensure you are cater‍‍‍ing for everyone

Hearing Loops

Large Area Loops

‍‍‍Our large area loops allow multiple hearing aid wearers to hear the desired sound source with complete clarity.

1 to 1 Loops

Our one-to-one hearing loops keep communication easy and natural.

Whether it be a small meeting room, a classroom or even a sports stadium, we can install discrete large area hearing loops to your specification.

We offer counter loops tailored to your needs, as well as a portable solutions offering customers and staff crystal clear sound reproduction.

See our product range

See our product range

Visit our Hearing Loop Hub for more information about how hearing loops work and FAQs, as well as details on‍‍‍ the charities we're working with.

We are experts in hearing loops. We have been designing and manufacturing quality loops here in Kent, UK for over 30 years.

Benefits of our loop systems

Deliver exceptional customer experience, building brand loyalty

Range of microphones tailored to suit your environment perfectly

Supports members of staff to carry out their duties more effectively  

Easy to install and maintain

Excellent voice reproduction

Ultra-efficient drivers could help reduce your energy consumption

Helps to create an inclusive environment

Talk to us about how we can work with you to design the best solution for your venue.

Need a loop for multiple areas or for temporary events? We have portable solutions available for both one-to-one and group settings.‍‍‍

Low Spill ‍‍‍Solutions

Portable Solutions

Hearing Loop in Waiting Room


Why do I need a loop?

Why Contacta?

See our guide on compliance

Hearing Loop Hub

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Read more about how hearing loops work

Why Contacta?

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Why do I need a loop?

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