Overhead Speaker System

This speech transfer system features speakers that are mounted into the surface for a sleek look. It also includes our flush open duplex amplifier, a hearing loop, and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit. It is suitable for quiet environments with little ambient noise.

Note: This system's speakers have a limited installation distance. Please contact us for requirements.

Flush Mounted System

STS-K003L-G / STS-K003L-B

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‍‍‍Surface Mounted System

surface mounted microphone and speaker for speech transfer system
curved microphone speech transfer system

Curved Microphone System



More engaging experience for customers

‍‍‍Staff can be ‍‍‍‍‍‍heard clearly

Unique multi-positional noise cancelling microphone‍‍‍ for staff

Simple to‍‍‍ use

Sleek look design for discreet finish

Transactions made simple and enjoyable


This hearing loop aerial for use with our Speech Transfer Kits is fixed under desks or counters. When connected to the amplifier, speaker and microphone units, it transmits a magnetic field which enables the telecoil in the hearing aid to receive a signal from our hearing loop driver. Signage also included.



Hearing Loop Aerial IL-AE99

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Speech Transfer Staff Unit STS-SU1

Staff Unit


Our free-standing combined speaker and directional microphone module for the staff side has an integral loudspeaker, microphone with a semi-rigid stem, adjustable neck and mute switch. Available in a variety of finishes to fit into your business.

speech staff unit data
Speech Transfer Amplifier STS-A31

Our amplifier provides full open duplex communication and is compatible with all of our speech transfer products. Speech Transfer Amplifier. Featuring energy-saving “green” standby mode, advanced digital signal processing, constant-current loop drive, LED indicators and continuous self-testing.



Flush Speaker and Microphone Units

Our flush microphone and speaker units are designed to seamlessly fit into the counter top for a sleek look. Available in black or grey.

STS-M56-G / STS-M56-B / STS-M61-G / STS-M61-B

Flush Microphone and speaker speech transfer STS-M56 STS-M61
flush speaker and microphone data
flush speech transfer system kit at bank counter STS-K003L

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