Build customer loyalty and create an inclusive environment for everyone with our loops. They promote easy communication for your staff and customers within your business.

We recommend that a fixed loop is installed where one to one communication takes place regularly, giving the highest quality listening experience for the hearing device wearer. If a permanent solution is not possible, our portable loop provides your business a flexible option to offer a great customer experience. It can be moved easily between rooms to enhance one to one conversation, and is effective in quiet meeting rooms.


Portabl‍‍‍e Loop


Flexible solution allowing loop to be used in multiple locations‍‍‍

Promotes an inclusive environment

Boosts customer loyalty

Boundary Microphone


This microphone can be used in conjunction with the Portable Loop to amplify surrounding sounds, making the listening experience even easier.

above counter hearing loop kit

‍‍‍‍‍‍Above-the-counter Loop Systems


IL-PL20 Portable Hearing Loop

Portable Loop Shelf

Product Sheet

Our shelf is an ideal storage unit and charging location for the Portable Loop.

Easy to use, the power supply is simply routed through a cut-out in the base of the shelf. The shelf is also easy to install and supplied with wall fixings.


Portable loop shelf
boundary microphone for portable loop

Product Sheet

Loop Listener

hearing loop listener

‍‍‍‍‍‍Under-the-counter Loop Systems

under counter loop kit

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Technical Data

Portable hearing loop technical data

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