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handheld microphone for portable hearing loop

Our Portable Large Area Loop is an all-in-one fully portable hearing loop, ideal as a temporary solution or for use in rooms where a permanent install is not achievable. It has a built in hearing loop driver, a 2 channel receiver and an auxiliary input. The padded drawer also holds a loop listener and chosen microphones.

The receiving module within the portable large area loop is licence-free and generally approved for operation in EU and EFTA countries.


Porta‍‍‍ble Large Area Loo‍‍‍p System‍‍‍


Simple to set up and configure

Compact case on wheels with retractable handle
2 channel receiver
Efficient power utilisation
Sleep mode
Continuous self-testing

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Microphones Included

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System‍‍‍ Inclu‍‍‍des

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Handheld Microphone

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