After spending time and money on technology to provide the best customer experience possible, you may not be fully protecting your investment.

Did you know?

There are certa‍‍‍in requirements that you must meet as a business such as The Equalities Act 2010. This stipulates that service providers must make reasonable adjustments to enable people that have a disability to use their services, including providing an auxiliary aid or service – for example, a hearing loop to those with hearing loss.

The European standard IEC 60118-4 defines the strength of the magnetic field, frequency response, and methods of measuring these requirements. It also specifies the maximum levels for electromagnetic background noise. All of our systems comply with these mea‍‍‍sures when correctly installed and maintained.

Regular maintenance is essential. Let us protect your investment.

What do the maintenance checks involve? Our engineer will carry out the following when doing a routine maintenance check:


planned maintenance hearing loops and speech systems

With regular maintenance we can ensure that your equipment is checked and maintained to our high standards.

We can give you peace of mind; our Preventative Planned Maintenance programme is designed to remove all doubt surrounding the reliability of your s‍‍‍ystems. We have a field force of engineers covering the whole of the UK.

Thorough checks will be made on each of your‍‍‍ systems

With our Preventative Planned Maintenance you’ll have the confidence knowing that:

• We send only qualified, experienced engin‍‍‍eers to inspect your equipment

• We provide a fault call servic‍‍‍e, with a guaranteed response if any problems arise between routine inspections

• Necessary repairs or replacements are made‍‍‍, tailored to your budget

• With regular maintenance, you will protect‍‍‍ the value and extend the life of your equipment

• We provide UK-wide coverage, including Norther‍‍‍n Ireland and the Chanel Islands

• Our service allows you to comply with s‍‍‍‍‍‍tandards set by the UK Equality Act and the European Standards IEC

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Speech Transfer Systems with hearing loop bank

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