IL-CONTACTA-FSM Field Strength Meter
TSG1 Test Signal Generator

Large Area Loop Accessories


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Shelves and Mo‍‍‍unting Brackets

HLD5 Loop Driver

HLD5 Hearing Loop Driver
IL-RX20 Loop Listener

HLD9 Loop Driver

HLD9 Hearing Loop Driver

HLD9 Loop Driver

Make the most out of your large area loop investment and make the install process even easier with our range of accessories. For full details see the latest version of our catalogue.‍‍‍

Large Area Loop

IL-AC-WM-HT Product Sheet

IL-AC-WM-LT Product Sheet

Our signal generator is a compact hand held engineer’s tool for large area loop installations. It allows measurement of hearing loop systems using multiple frequencies to verify that the loop is working to BS EN 60118-4 standards when combined with our Field Strength Meter.

Signal Generator

Our Field Strength Meter is used during installation to guarantee our loops provide the best listening experience for the user. It helps verify that Hearing Loop Systems are installed and certified to the latest standards.

Field Strength Meter

•  Accurate and easy to read      •  Simple button operation •  Flat spectrum output               •  Headphone output



Cable hearing loop

‍‍‍We have a selection of cables, tapes and wiring to ensure you have the best options to pair with your loop drivers. Talk to us or your local distributor for guidance.

IL-AC-WM-HT-00 / IL-AC-WM-LT-00 / MC-90-01-W / MC-91-01-W / MC-91-01-B / STS-M90-W / STS-M90-B

Cable, Tape & Wire

Our receiver is a dual channel PLL tuneable UHF wireless system‍‍‍ designed to work with our 6 channel mixer. It is provided with 2 x Handheld Microphones or 2 x Lapel Microphones.

Receivers and Mixers

‍‍‍Our dual output mixer combines signals seamlessly. It has 6 stereo line inputs so is able to split signals when used with a number of HLD drivers. It is ideal for use with the multi-frequency receiver and any of our microphones.



Product Sheet

MC-91-01-B Microphone

‍‍‍IL-AC-WM-LT-00‍‍‍ / IL-AC-WM-LT-EU

STS-M90-W Microphone



Product Sheet

A microphone or other sound input is needed to provide a sound source for our large area loops. We have a range of microphones options available. See our catalogue for the complete collection.


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