HLD hearing loop driver microphone

Our compact HLD5 is a standalone, dual output hearing loop driver designed for smaller facilities and venues. It has an integral phase shifter for perimeter or phased array configuration.

This driver is especially suited to powering loops in areas such as meeting rooms and class rooms.


HLD5 L‍‍‍oop Driver


Easily to install and configure

Efficient power utilisation with sleep mode

High frequency compensation

Continuous self-testing

Drive level indication

100v input line allows interface with PA system

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HLD7 Hearing Loop Driver

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Cables and wire


HLD5 hearing loop driver
hld hearing loop driver cable

You will need a length of cable to connect to the driver. Talk to us for our recommendations about length and type of cable.

A microphone or other sound input is needed. We have a range of options available.

Inclusive meeting room with hearing loop

Loop Listener

IL-RX20 Hearing loop listener

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Technical Data

technical data hearing loop driver HLD5

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