Hearing Loop Applications

Large Area Hearing Loop for Rooms of all Sizes

Large Area Loops

Our large area loops allow multiple hearing aid wearers to hear the desired sound source with complete clarity.

1-to-1 Hearing Loops for easy communication

1 to 1 Loops

Our one-to-one hearing loops keep communication easy and natural.

Whether it be a small meeting room, a classroom or even a sports stadium, we can install discrete large area hearing loops to your specification.

We offer counter loops tailored to your needs, as well as a portable solutions offering customers and staff crystal clear sound reproduction.

See our product range

See our product range

Visit our Hearing Loop Hub for more information about how hearing loops work and FAQs, as well as details on the charities we're working with.

We have designed and installed high quality loops for a large variety of settings, including theatres, supermarkets, museums, theme parks and banks. Once a loop is installed, hearing device wearers simply switch to the “T” setting and can listen flawlessly.

Care homes

71% of people aged over 70 have some form of hearing loss. Give your residents the opportunity to be included in the community life at your home.

Places of worship

Provide a solution to cut out background noise and enhance the speaker’s voice so that everyone in the community can benefit.

Theatres and Cinemas

What is the point of theatre if you cannot hear the words? Hearing loops can be installed into auditoriums to provide an unparalleled listening experience for your audience.

Meeting rooms

Ensure meetings and conferences go smoothly and everyone is included.


From the reception desk to the conference facilities and guest rooms, ensure you are providing an inclusive environment in your hotel with hearing loop systems.

Reception Areas

As the area that welcomes people into your building, it is vital that everyone can communicate with you here. We have a range of counter loops and portable loops available to suit your environment.


The Accessible Information Standard in place from 31st July 2016 dictates that all organisations providing NHS or publicly funded adult social care must provide a means of communicating with those with hearing loss. We can help address these and advise on the best solutions for your healthcare establishment.


Classrooms and lecture theatres are where the majory of learning happens and therefore assistive listening equipment is vital in this setting. We can advise on the best solution to allow you to cater for all your students.


Retail establishments are the prime example of where counter loops can transform the customer experience.


Along with our Speech Transfer Systems, hearing loops provide an inclusive environment in your bank.

Hotel Hearing Loop
Hearing Loop in Care Homes
Church Hearing Loop
Retail Supermarket Counter Hearing Loop
Pharmacy Healthcare Hearing Loop
Meeting Room Hearing Loop
Bank Counter Hearing Loop and Speech System
lecture room, classroom, hearing loop
Reception Hearing Loop
Hearing Loop for Theatres

Hearing Loop Hub

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