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We’re proud to be able to say that we design and manufacture our own products here in the UK.

UK Manufacturing

We offer support and training to help you make the most of your products. This support includes:

  • Installation guidance from our experienced engineers
  • CPD accredited hearing loop courses
  • Loop design tools and advice
  • Friendly customer service team to answer any questions about your products

Support and Training

Contact us for more information.

We do things differently

We enhance customer service by creating, improving and supporting contact channels through audio, communication and secure transfer products.  


We work with simplicity at the heart of what we do. Our brilliant team use fresh thinking to design some really special products, which we think are worth shouting about.  

Discover our product range.

Global Reach

We have a large base in the U.S. and distributors worldwide. Get in touch if you’re interested in working with us!

We also have our own field engineering force that covers the whole of the UK, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to think of everyone in all that we do. Every step of the way.

We take a fresh approach from beginning to end, starting with the specification and design of our products, right through to installation and ongoing support. We do it with understanding and integrity.

We’re confident that we’ve made things simple for you.

Meet the Senior Management Team!

Simon Thomas

Managing Director

Andrew Thomas

‍‍‍Market Development ‍‍‍Director‍‍‍

Dean Corrigan

Head of Client Development

Rachel Whittington

Head of Marketing and International Sales

Shelley Rolfe

Head of UK Sales and Service

Andy Frith

‍‍‍Head of Operations‍‍‍

Our History











We launch the first computerised intercom system in the UK!

Contacta is passed down to Simon Thomas and Andrew Thomas.

Our speech system is in every new London Black Cab!

The new portable hearing loop and range of secure transfer units are introduced.

large are‍‍‍a loop range is born.

Hearing loop systems are added to our product range.

The first speech transfer system is launched!

We move into new premises in Paddo‍‍‍ck Wood!

Contacta Inc. is born! Based in Michigan with   representatives in 38 US states and Canada.

Our queue management system is launched!

Answer the phone in 3 rings

Treat our customers with respect

Respond to information requests within 12 hours

Keep everyone informed of job progress

Correct mistakes quickly and make sure they’re not repeated

Be positive and upbeat

Our Service Standards

Customer service is very important to us, as well as how we conduct ourselves at Contacta, as shown in our service standards. We will:

‍‍‍We'd love to know how you feel we are doing! Let us know if you want to give us feedback.



MyHailo, the easy and dignified way to refuel, is launched.

Our V Series range is born with the V7 and V12a loop drivers.

Vince Gant

‍‍‍Chief Operating Officer‍‍‍

Talk to us now

Telephone: +44 (0)‍‍‍17‍‍‍32 223900

Email: [email protected]      

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Contacta is founded by Bert Thomas.

Richard Dungan

Head of Electronic Design

Ran Meyrav

‍‍‍Head of New Business Development‍‍‍