IL-SD01 Hearing Loop Stand
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Build customer loyalty and create an inclusive environment for everyone with our counter loop kits. They promote easy communication for your staff and customers within your business.

This loop kit is especially effective at providing an excellent customer experience as the combined sign and aerial allows people to easily identify where the loop is positioned.

Hearing Loop Supermarket Counter Retail


Microphone Options

Above Counter Loop Sign in Aerial Kit IL-K300

Product Sheet

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Above the Counter ‍‍‍Loop Kit

IL-K300-25-00 / IL-K300-05-00

Fit to a range of counter styles

Easy to install and maintain

Excellent voice reproduction

Compact aerial and sign combined unit

Range of discrete microph‍‍‍one options

Efficient HLD2 loop driver to reduce energy consumption

M72 Halo Microphone Hearing Loop
M70 Halo Microphone Hearing Loop

M72 / M98

Our clever halo microphone lets your staff know when the system is functioning properly and indicates with a green LED when it is picking up speech. The noise-cancelling capsule creates unparalleled sound reproduction.


This is a discrete microphone that works as part of our counter loop kits to boost communication.

Halo Microphone

Mouse Microphone

Loop Desk Stand


This Loop Desk Stand allows the Sign with Built-In Aerial to be free standing on your desk or counter. It attaches to the sign using a double-sided adhesive pad.


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Loop Listener

IL-RX20 Hearing Loop Listener

Portable Loop

IL-PL20-2 Portable Hearing Loop

Under-the-counter Loop Kits

Hearing Loop Under Counter Loop Kit

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