Large Area Hearing Loops

For hearing loops to enhance one to one communication take a look at our counter loops and portable loops.

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HLD5 Hearing Loop Driver


Product Code: HLD5

Our compact HLD5 is a standalone, dual output hearing loop driver with integral phase shifter for perimeter or phased array configuration, designed for smaller facilities and venues.

HLD7 Hearing Loop Driver


Product Code: HLD7

Our HLD7 is a modular hearing loop driver for perimeter or phased array configurations, designed for medium sized facilities such as meeting rooms, lecture halls, places of worship and small theatres. Efficient management of power enables the unit to be compact.

HLD9 Hearing Loop Driver


Product Code: HLD9

Our HLD9 is a pioneering modular hearing loop driver for perimeter or phased array configurations, suitable for large area applications such as theatres, conference facilities, sports arenas, concert halls and auditoriums. As a Class D driver, it uses power extremely efficiently, meaning that it emits little heat from its compact packaging.

Portable Large Area Loop

Product Code: PLAL‍‍‍S-V

Our Portable Large Area Loop is an all-in-one fully portable hearing loop, ideal as a temporary solution or for use in multiple venues. It has a built in hearing loop driver, a 2 channel receiver and an auxiliary input.


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We have a range of accessories to work alongside our large area loop drivers such as testing and mounting equipment, as well as a range of suitable microphones.

IL-RX20 Hearing Loop Listener
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Our large area loops allow multiple hearing device wearers to hear the words or music they desire to hear with complete clarity in venues such as classrooms, theatres and places of worship. See other hearing loop applications and read more about how we specify our hearing loop system‍‍‍s‍‍‍.

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Product Code: V12A-UK / V12A-AUS / V12A-EU / V12A-USJ

Like the V7, our V12a is a compact, constant current hearing loop driver. The V12a is a dual output driver with an integral phase shifter for phased array configuration. The V12a is suitable for small to medium-sized facilities and venues. It has Class-D amplifier output stages and an audio subsystem built around an advanced DSP core with a powerful CPU.


Product Code: V7-UK / V7-AUS / V7-EU / V7-USJ

Our highly efficient and compact V7 is a constant current, perimeter hearing loop driver, suitable for smaller facilities and venues. It has a Class-D amplifier output stage and an audio subsystem built around an advanced DSP core with a powerful CPU.

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