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Our products are used and trusted internationally and we have built up an extensive customer base. Our happy customers include many leading supermarkets, banks, public service providers and a large variety of other businesses.

Eastbourne Theatres is extremely delighted with our new loop and so are our patrons. None of this would have been possible without the expert knowledge and hard work from Contacta.

Gavin Davis, General Manager Eastbourne Theatres

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We have over 45 years’ experience providing quality solutions to organisations across the globe. Our dedicated in-house design team ensure that‍‍‍ our products are at the forefront of technology, while our experienced UK-wide field engineering force guarantees that your systems are working perfectly.


‍‍‍We have a large range of products, from assistive listening systems to security solutions that ‍‍‍help you:

Increase your customer loyalty

 Improve your levels of service

Enhance your reputation

Create great customer experience

Speech Transfer Systems allow conversation through glass so that your customers and staff are guaranteed the best communication experience possible. Our systems have been designed to fit into multiple situations so that the ideal solution can be provided for you.

Our simple and effective queue management solution, easily managed by your staff, maintains decorum and ensures maximum efficiency by clearly directing customers to the correct position.

Our MyHailo system is a revolutionary way for your disabled customers to hail for help at the pump using a simple key fob. The system operates via reliable wireless technology with adjustable transmitting area coverage to suit your individual site requirements. Suitable for both manned and unmanned filling stations.

Our highly secure solutions provide you with the tools to help you minimise risk and maintain your reputation. Our security solutions inc‍‍‍lude a range of pedestal safes, audio vision panels and bulk transfer units to suit your business needs.

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Security Solutions


Our large area hearing loop drivers were built with care, using the latest technology to ensure they are of the best quality and as powerful and efficient as they can be. Our large area drivers can power a range of loops such as those in theatres, conference rooms  and places of worship.

Large Area Loops


Speech Transfer Systems

Ensure that you are promoting an inclusive environment and catering for those with hearing loss with our 1 to 1 loops. These are perfect for use at counters or in situations where interaction between two people takes place, allowing your customers to engage with your staff freely.

1 to 1 Hearing Loops

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍We enhance customer service by creating and installing a unique range of solu‍‍‍tions, including hearing loops, speech transfer products, queue management systems and secure transfer units.

‍‍‍We’ve made things simple‍‍‍ for you.

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